Chester-le-Street Lib Dems concerned at decision to spend £50,000 on public art despite lack of public support

Chester-le-Street's Area Action Partnership will begin the procurement process to select a significant piece of art for the town centre.Lib Dem Councillor Craig Martin has expressed serious concerns that public opinion does not support spending almost £50,000 on art. 

"This money could be spent on something that actually supports the growth of our town. Such as free Wi-Fi for Front Street and improving public transport, something to encourage shoppers in. Or just anything that will make a real difference to the community rather than this folly. We don't need art, we need a better town centre," said Lib Dem Councillor Craig Martin.

"With the opening up of the burn, we'll be bringing in natural beauty into the heart of Chester-le-Street. Putting in a piece of overpriced art will just cheapen the project. Our representatives need to stop talking to themselves and actually get out there and listen to public concerns."

A total of £47,500 has been put forward for the art, with more money expected to be given by County Councillors. They have until Wednesday 22nd May if they want to add funds from their own community budget. The art will be put in place following completion of the town's flood defence scheme in March 2020. From the very early stages,

Cllr Craig Martin has argued the case for having no major pieces of public art. Echoing the comments made by the residents he represents.

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